Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you issue invoices?

    Yes, we issue invoices for every completed order. You’ll find the link to the generated invoice in the after-purchase email or in the customer area after you create a user on the website.

  • Do you have a demo or a trial?

    We don’t provide a demo or a trial, but we have screenshots, a list of features, and our support team is available for any questions you might have.

  • What do I get when I buy the plugin?

    You get to download the plugin from a trusted source. 100% malware free. With every purchase you also get a license which grants you support and updates for 1 year. You can use the plugin as long as you want, but you can get updates and support only with a valid active license. Before the license expires you can renew it with a 40% discount.

  • Do I need a license for localhost development website?

    If your development or staging website’s domain matches one of these:
    then you can activate the license both on the staging, as well as on the production website and this will be counted as only one site activation. For example, if you have your 10-sites license active on 3 production websites and you activate it on the domain, then the counter of active website for the license will still stay at 3 out of 10.

  • I have a WordPress Multisite. Does 1-site license work with a Multisite?

    A 1-site license works on one site. A “multi-site”, as the definition implies, is a collection is several sites.
    Yes, the license will work with a multi-site WordPress environment, but it can be activated only on one of the sites, not on the entire multi-site installation.

  • Can I upgrade my license so I can use it on more websites?

    Yes, you can upgrade the license anytime by following the links provided in the purchase confirmation email or in the customer area.

  • Will my plugin stop working once the license expires?

    Absolutely not. You can continue using the plugin as long as you want, it’s only that you won’t get support or updates.

  • Do I need to update the plugin?

    Any WordPress plugin or theme needs to be constantly updated in order to work flawlessly with the new changes in WordPress, in other plugins or themes, in jQuery, in PHP, in MySQL or in other JS/CSS libraries. A plugin is not an isolated product; it depends on many layers with which it needs to collaborate.

  • How do I update the plugin?

    Whenever there is an update available, you’ll get a notification on the WP Admin -> Plugins page, just like any other plugin. Click on the “update now” link, that is all.

  • Why does the price in EUR fluctuate every day?

    The prices are fixed in USD and the prices in EUR are calculated as exchange value from USD prices at the day’s mid-market rate.