Multi-Step Checkout Pro for WooCommerce

Enable your customers to easier complete their purchase.

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A perfect checkout page needs to have:

Intuitive design

The customers feels comfortable and intuitively can complete their objective.

Cross-browser compatible

We regularly test it on most popular browsers across different OS platforms.

Responsive design

Works as expected on all browsers and gracefully adjusts design elements on smaller screens.

Mobile Friendly

Responds to touch events with a simplified mobile-friendly interface.

Great Features for you to enjoy

Clickable steps

Besides using the "Next" and "Previous" buttons, the user can click directly on the step in order to navigate. At any step the user can navigate only to the immediate next step or any of the already visited steps.

Reliable step-by-step validation

The default WooCommerce validation is performed at the end of the checkout, when clicking the "Place Order" button. You can choose to enable the "step-by-step validation" and inform your customers of any errors before proceeding to the next step.

Add Registration form to the Login step

By default in WooCommerce there is only a login form on the checkout page and for registering the user needs to go to another page. You can choose to put the registration form alongside the login form within the Login step. After registering the customer will be redirected to the next step.

Add product thumbnail to the Order Review section

Make the checkout page more intuitive for your customers by adding the product's thumbnail image in the Order Review section. It will make the customers confident that they are buying the correct products.


3 step display styles: Default, Material Design and Breadcrumbs. For each of the display styles you can adjust the color to fit with your website design.

Programmatically add a custom step, modify an existing step or remove an existing step. See the documentation for more information.

Translation ready

The plugin is WPML ready, so it can be translated into other languages and used with multilingual websites.

Compatible with all WordPress themes

The plugin tries to use the theme's style for buttons and error messages. In case this fails, there is an option in the settings to use the plugin's styling for the buttons. We test regularly the plugin's compatibility with the major themes used with WooCommerce (Storefront, Enfold, Divi, Flatsome, Shopkeeper, the Retailer, Porto, Bridge)

Webmasters just like you are using the plugin and they're happy with the results

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  • Version: 2.38
  • Last updated: 1 month ago
  • Requires WordPress Version:3.0.1
  • Tested up to: 6.5.5