Terms and Conditions


  • The developers or any other entity associated directly or indirectly with the developers will not be held liable for any damages.
  • We do not expect any damages and we have not caused any damages to this day. However you are installing this plugin at your own risk.
  • During the plugin’s activation, the email address, buyer’s name and the license will be sent to silkypress.com. This information is securely stored. We will never sell or disclose this data in any form.


Please read the Refund Policy.

License details

The license is the sole property of the purchaser. Licenses cannot be shared or transferred to another user. The available licenses are:
  • 1-Site License – A single license is intended for users with a single website. If you want to use it in a multi-site WordPress installation, please purchase a 10-Site or 50-Site License
  • 10-Site License
  • 50-Site License
If you want to use this plugin as part of another product, like a theme or a bundle or plugins, please Contact Us, as any of the previously mentioned licenses won’t fit that purpose.